Air Source Heat Pump

Heating and water are provided using an air source heat pump – an energy efficient method which involves absorbing heat from the air outside. Although the pump requires electricity to run, the heat output of the system is greater than the electricity input.

18kw Solar Installation

During the Summer 2022 we installed an 18kw solar installation on the roof of one of our large cattle barns at the farm along with battery storage. This means that the entire farm, including The Black Barn, can be run from the energy produced, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and making us a more environmentally-friendly concern.

DEFRA Compliant Woodburner

Using logs from our woodland, the new DEFRA compliant Mendip Churchill 5 woodburner is the one of the best, most environmentally friendly ways to add that extra warmth and ambience during the cooler autumn and winter months. Modern closed stoves such as this produce approximately 4 times the heat from the same amount of wood as an open fire, not to mention the reduced smoke and emissions.

EV Car Charger

If you are one of the many car owners who are now opting to “Go Green” with an electric or hybrid vehicle, then we have removed the need to research the area for charging points – at The Black Barn you have free and unlimited use of the property’s own electric car charger. So you can plug in and relax knowing that in the morning your vehicle will be fully charged and ready for you to set off for a day of exploring!

Sanitary Disposal

The Black Barn has its own sewage treatment plant and sanitary products should NOT be flushed down the toilet as they do not break down like paper does and can cause blockages. Instead we are pleased to provide our visitors with Fab Little Bags. These eco-friendly bags are made from sugarcane and recycled materials. The sugarcane locks in the carbon creating a carbon neutral material The glue on the sticky closing strip is vegan.

Locally Sourced Welcome Pack

To welcome you on your arrival you will find a few goodies, all locally made/sold. You will find them presented to you in a beautiful little trug. Herstmonceux is famous for its trug making. We hope you will enjoy these items and information on how to obtain more during your stay will be provided. Packaging used for loose items is made from Nativia film which is compostable and biodegradable.